Real Headache Medicine

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Nothing is worse than being a headache sufferer.  Let’s face it.  Headaches can be debilitating. There you are, trying to accomplish the zillion things you need to do, only to be knocked down by a crippling headache. All your well planned intentions hindered by the unplanned onset of pain and discomfort, making it impossible for your to complete all those task. Does this sound like you?

Most Common Cause of Headaches

Headaches come in various types: you could experience a tension, migraine, sinus, and cluster headaches. Although most headaches are temporary and mild, some people experience headaches frequently and require a visit to the doctor for pain relief.

The most common cause of headaches is a stress headache.  A stress headache is produced from prolonged stress and tension.  This stress and tension causes muscle-contraction in your scalp, neck and face to tighten and contract.  This in turn causes spasms and pain.

How Trudenta can Help!

What if I told you that I might have away to help?  Real headache medicine with out the side effects of medications.  With advancements in dentistry, their is now a system that can help relieve you of the constant headaches.  The TruDenta system has been designed to get to the bottom cause of the headaches rather than treat the symptoms.  TruDenta is designed to treat the cause.

It’s time to talk with Duncan Dental to set up a simple painless screening test to see if TruDenta is right for you!


Red Heads Need Special care at the Dentist

red heads

Being a red head might be more special than you think!  In the past five years, researchers have found a genetic mutation responsible for those cherry silky locks and angel white skin. Their coloring is special and is the result of a mutation in the MC1R gene which creates the red hair and the very light complexion to exist.

Red heads make up only 2% of the entire human race.  Even though they have an uncommon presence in the population, it has been found that they have some unique special human abilities that set them apart from the rest of us.

As more research is concluded, gingers (as they are lovingly referred to) are proving to be the real life X-Men of our species. They possess special abilities that set them apart and make them unique among the many inhabitants of the world.

What Make’s “Gingers” Special?

  • A redhead’s snowy white skin, while subject to sunburn, is a sponge for absorbing vitamin D. Scientists believe that this gives them the ability to fight off certain debilitating and potentially deadly illnesses more effectively then blonde’s or brunette’s.  Also, they are known for having strong bones.
  • Redheads are more sensitive to hot and cold.
  • Redheads will never turn grey.  Rather with age, their hair will become a blonde color.
  • Those with the MC1R mutation are more sensitive to opiate pain killers — which means they’d actually need less — but less sensitive to other types, most notably lidocaine injections. A 2004, research showed that people with red hair needed 20 percent more general anesthesia than blondes and brunettes.
  • Redheads are usually more fearful of the dentist than brunette’s and blonde’s.  Probably because they are resistant to local pain blockers like Novocaine.
  • And finally, pheromones.  It has been noted that red heads produce a unique pheromone scent that is very appealing to the opposite sex.  More studies need to be done to verify this conclusion.


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What You Should Know About Tongue Piercing

tongue piercing- J.C. Duncan DDS FAGD


Tongue piercing has become a “trendy” form of self expression here in the United States. Although tongue piercing may seem like the “in thing” to do, it can be dangerous to your health.  Your mouth contains millions of bacteria making it a breading ground for infections to creep in.  Unfortunately, with any open wound in your mouth, the need for extra oral hygiene is essential to avoid any unnecessary complications. With that being said, tongue piercing can manifest many types of infections, including swelling and tooth damage.

What Problems Can Tongue Piercing Cause?

  • Infection and Pain- Your mouth contains a host of bacteria that can lead to infection.  An infection untreated can become life threatening
  • Swelling-  If your tongue swells enough, it can block your throat and air passage.
  • Damage to your teeth and gums- The jewelry in your mouth can injure your gums as well as crack a tooth.
  • Nerve Damage- Usually after a piercing you will experience some numbness but that numbness could become permanent
  • Excessive Drooling– enough said
  • Serious Infections- hepatitis or endocarditis

If you have Problems with your Tongue Piercing, What do you do?

If your tongue shows any sign of infection,swelling, pain, fever, chills, shaking or a red-streaked appearance around the site of the piercing call the office of J.C. Duncan DDS FAGD immediately. Any of these signs ignored can lead to a life threatening problem.

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Getting to the ROOT of the Problem

If there’s one dental treatment that’s gotten a bad reputation over the years, it’s root canal therapy.  They’re one of the most common dental treatments around, are no more uncomfortable than fillings and save millions of teeth every year. You might need root canal treatment if you feel pain when you bite down on, push on or touch a tooth, feel sensitivity to hot and cold or break a tooth. These are signs that your tooth’s pulp has become infected and needs to be removed and the inside of your tooth needs to be cleaned and sealed. This is a job for an endodontist, a root canal specialist.

root canal

Root Canal FAQ’s

Q: Do root canals hurt?

A: A root canal treatment is designed to eliminate the pain sometimes associated with root canal infection. Root canal therapy itself is not painful; we apply dental anesthesia to numb the area so that you should feel little to no discomfort. Advances in root canal technologies, such as laser root canals, can reduce treatment time, swelling and post-op discomfort. If you suffer from dental anxiety and the thought of a root canal makes you nervous, ask about other sedation options.

Q: Why do I need root canal treatment if I don’t feel any pain?

A: The absence of pain is not necessarily an indication that all is well with your teeth. In fact, most teeth that need root canal therapy won’t give you pain.

A dentist or endodontist must examine the tooth pulp, which lies beneath the tooth’s surface, in order to determine if root canal therapy is needed.

Q: I have a broken tooth. Does that mean I need root canal treatment?

A: Not necessarily. However, a broken tooth leaves the inner tooth vulnerable to the bacteria that can cause root canal infection. Oftentimes, a toothache or pain signals an infection; other times, you may not feel any discomfort at all. If you have a broken tooth, your best bet is to see a dentist as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis — even if there’s no infection now, there could be later.

Q: Why not just get an infected tooth pulled?

A: If possible, it’s better to try to keep your natural teeth. Extracting a tooth leaves a gap that can overstress or cause other teeth to shift. Plus, with root canals, you can avoid having to invest in a dental implant or bridge, both of which can be costly.

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