Take Good Care of Your Teeth By Following These Six Brushing Tips

Brushing your teeth everyday is one of the best ways to take care of your smile. For optimal dental health, follow these six tips:

1) Pick the right brush that fits your needs – Not all toothbrushes were created equal. Between varying sizes, bristle strengths, and the recommendations given to you from your favorite dental care provider, there are plenty of options to choose from.

2) Master the technique – Brush your teeth at gum line using a 45-degree angle. Gently move your toothbrush back and forth in short motions, cleaning the outer surfaces of your teeth. Move your brush in gentle up and down motions to clean the inner surfaces of your teeth. Then be sure to brush your tongue!

3) Take your time – Follow the “2 minutes x 2 times per day” rule.

4) Don’t overdo it – Ever hear of having too much of a good thing? Overbrushing can cause dental issues such as wearing down the enamel on your teeth or receding gums.

5) Good hygiene is the way to go – Always rinse your toothbrush before and after brushing; germs tend to linger if you don’t keep your toothbrush clean. (Also, do not keep your toothbrush capped or near a toilet. Trust us on this one.)

6) Let it go – Make sure to replace your toothbrush every three to four months or when you start seeing frayed bristles. Also, if you’ve been sick, think about throwing out the old one and replacing it with a new brush.

By practicing proper dental care daily, we minimize the risk of cavities and developing other dental health related issues. To make an appointment with your Huntersville dentist, Dr. JC Duncan, call us today at (704) 948-1300.


Stop the Chronic Headaches

trudenta headache relief Are you a regular headache sufferer?  In all actuality, headaches can be debilitating making it difficult for you to function throughout your day. I’m sure you have tried all kinds of remedies looking to alleviate the pain you are feeling.  The constant regiment of pain relievers, just to function through your day, has become a burden.  We understand and are here to help you find pain relief using a system that requires no drugs and no needles.. The office of J. C. Duncan DDS FAGD conveniently located in Huntersville, NC is here to help.  We understand the pain that you are suffering with.  We are here to let you know that many headache sufferers can benefit from the new life changing TruDenta System.

According to the National Headache Foundation, over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches.  The most common type of headache is due to tension. The TruDenta System is designed to tackle a number of the 150 diagnostic headache categories.. By using our TruDenta system, we can provide important, objective, diagnostic information which may help identify the causes of your symptoms.


Finally, the office of J.C. Duncan can help!

The TruDenta systems have been designed to get at the heart of your headaches, migraines, jaw pain or face pain. Through proven, state of the art technologies in the fields of advanced dentistry and medicine, you can finally get headache and migraine relief in a way that will:

  • Reduce your pain levels and the number of days in pain
  • Provide headache relief without dependence on drug related solutions
  • Give you control of your healing process
  • Possibly even give you your life back… you know the one before all this pain took you down the path of “trying to cope”

It’s time to have a talk with your dentist and dental hygienist about how we can help you. A simple painless screening test can determine if TruDenta is right for you.

Click here to complete your TruDenta Head Health History form.

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What Does Your Smile Say About You?

smile-what your smile says about youWhat is a Smile?

What is a smile?  I think William Arthur Ward put it best, ” A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”.  The simple act of the corners of your mouth turned up and your front teeth exposed provides you positive influence to all the people you encounter.  A smile can project many attributes about yourself. Studies have shown a smile can communicate trustworthiness, attractiveness, sociability, health and much more. As a dentist, educating our patients on the benefits of having healthy gums and teeth is important. Most people don’t realize the social impacts on how a healthy white smile can impact all aspects of your life.

Types of Smiles

1. Sweet Smile.
2. I am in Love Smile.
3. Most Beautiful Smile.
4. Happy Smile.
5. Thoughtful Smile.
6. I know it all Smile.
7. The Sparkle in The Eyes Smile.
8. I am the Boss Smile.
9. Lucky Smile.
10. Amused Smile.
11. Naughty Or Up-to-No-Good Smile
12. Satisfied Smile.
13. Contented Smile.
14. Confident Smile.
15. Proud Smile.
16. Sexy Smile.
17. Cheered Up Smile.

What are the Social impacts to having a White Healthy Smile?

An independent research firm provided new evidence showing that a beautiful white smile has a direct effect on successful interpersonal interactions, both socially and professionally. “The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions” study, commissioned by a leading toothpaste company, shows that a whiter smile substantially affects how others think of you when you first meet.  Other studies have shown that 1 in 3 men believe that a healthy white smile projects advanced college education and financial stability.  So why work on a white, healthy smile?  The social and health benefits are endless.  Contact the office of J.C. Duncan DDS FAGD.  We are always here to provide you information and the best dental treatments available to give you that white healthy smile you are looking for.

Photo: PROM is just around the corner, call us for our ZOOM whitening special.  You deserve that whiter smile. 704-948-1300

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