Real Headache Medicine

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Nothing is worse than being a headache sufferer.  Let’s face it.  Headaches can be debilitating. There you are, trying to accomplish the zillion things you need to do, only to be knocked down by a crippling headache. All your well planned intentions hindered by the unplanned onset of pain and discomfort, making it impossible for your to complete all those task. Does this sound like you?

Most Common Cause of Headaches

Headaches come in various types: you could experience a tension, migraine, sinus, and cluster headaches. Although most headaches are temporary and mild, some people experience headaches frequently and require a visit to the doctor for pain relief.

The most common cause of headaches is a stress headache.  A stress headache is produced from prolonged stress and tension.  This stress and tension causes muscle-contraction in your scalp, neck and face to tighten and contract.  This in turn causes spasms and pain.

How Trudenta can Help!

What if I told you that I might have away to help?  Real headache medicine with out the side effects of medications.  With advancements in dentistry, their is now a system that can help relieve you of the constant headaches.  The TruDenta system has been designed to get to the bottom cause of the headaches rather than treat the symptoms.  TruDenta is designed to treat the cause.

It’s time to talk with Duncan Dental to set up a simple painless screening test to see if TruDenta is right for you!