What do you mean it’s not a cavity? My Tooth Hurts? …

 tooth PainWhat Causes Tooth Pain?

Many believe that your eyes are the windows to your soul.  But in the dental world, it is believed that your mouth is the window to the health of your body.

The most common reason someone books an appointment at the dentist is due to a tooth ache. Tooth decay is the most prevalent reason for tooth pain.  Cavities are most painful when the decay penetrates through the enamel and affects the inner layer of the tooth. This causes the tooth to become sensitive and if left untreated can become worse.

Tooth decay is not the only culprit that can emanate tooth pain. Advanced gum disease can cause a toothache even when the tooth is healthy.  Advanced gum disease causes a dull pain around the teeth from gums swelling and bone loss.  Gum abscess may also occur with advanced stages of periodontists.

Tooth grinding is a very common reason people feel tooth pain.  From constant grinding of your teeth, you can wear down or chip your teeth.  This action tends to put excess force on the gum tissue which can cause tooth pain and also your jaw to hurt.

What is not as commonly known, a crooked tooth can cause you tooth pain.  When your teeth are not aligned properly, it puts undistributed force on your teeth and nerves.  This misalignment can be the catalyst for a number of other issues including headaches.

And finally, with allergy season coming upon us, another reason a tooth or teeth might hurt is due to a sinus infection.  A sinus infection can cause a dull ache to your upper back teeth.  Because the sinuses are close to the upper jaw, a sinus infection, do to the swelling of the sinus, can make you feel as if pain is coming from your teeth.

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