Learning To Eat With Dentures

learning to eat with dentures


Learning To Eat With Dentures

Making the decision to wear dentures is an important step.  Being unable to enjoy foods you once enjoyed due to tooth loss is a horrible problem to have. Not only does it affect your quality of life but your nutritional health as well.  I can assure you, with time and properly fitting dentures, you can resume eating the majority of the foods you once loved. Keep in mind, new dentures will improve your quality of life but it does come with an adjustment period.

I wish I could tell once you get your new pearly whites that you can now go out and enjoy a nice steak dinner.  Actually, that is furthest from from the truth.  Just like learning to do anything new, dentures require an adjustment period for your mouth to get use to the dentures being there.  It takes time and practice for your mouth to adjust to holding the dentures in place.  Keep in mind, this adjustment is only temporary and should last about 2 months.

When at first using your new dentures, you might find it initially difficult laughing, talking, eating and coughing. But in short time, your mouth will adjust to these differences and automatically compensate without thought. You may also experience some minor gum soreness for the first couple months until your gums get use to the contact from the dentures.

Suggestions for New Dentures:

  • Try a denture adhesive to keep dentures in place. This can be helpful with new dentures
  •  Eat slowly and eat small bites
  •  Don’t bite down with front teeth
  •  Practice Speaking- you might have difficulty for these first few days
  •  Start by eating soft foods and liquids . Breads, yogurt, eggs.  You can increase your exposure to harder foods over time.  Don’t worry, you will get there!

If you experience problems with your dentures, you should always contact your dentist. The office of J.C. Duncan puts our patients first!  We are here to ensure your dental experience is always a pleasant one.

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