Your Dentist is an Important part of your Chemo Treatment


There were 51,860 new cases of cancer diagnosed in North Carolina in 2012.  This does not include squamous or basal cell skin cancers. This number represents only 6% of all cancer diagnosis reported in the entire United States for that year.

Let’s be honest, no one ever wants to hear they have cancer.  The emotional roller coaster that particular diagnosis brings not only affects the person being diagnosed, but their families who love and care for them.  But with any illness, the next step is to plan a treatment plan designed to get yourself or your loved one healthy again.

How Chemotherapy Affects your Mouth

Chemotherapy is a common choice as a cancer treatment.  There are many chemotherapy drugs with a variety of side effects associated with that particular therapy.  Chemotherapy kills cancer cells but can be harmful to healthy cells including cells in your mouth. Not every person has the same side effects but there are some common side effects that do affect a number of people.

Side Effects Include

  • Painful mouth and gums.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Burning, peeling, or swelling tongue.
  • Infection.
  • Change in taste.

Seeing your dentist is VERY important when you’re planning to receive Chemotherapy treatment.  Making an appointment with your dentist prior to your treatments start date can help you avoid potential side effects from chemotherapy in the future.  Your dentist will make sure your mouth is in the best oral health possible prior to treatment. Many side effects happen because a persons mouth wasn’t healthy before treatment began.  Seeing your dentist won’t eliminate all side effects but potentially you will have fewer while your treatment is in process.  The goal is to try to see your dentist 1 month prior to your treatment beginning.  If that’s not possible, getting to the office sooner rather than later is recommended.  Your dentist and hygienist will also provide you with instructions to help you with your oral care while receiving your treatment.

If you have cancer and have any questions, feel free to contact the office of J.C.Duncan DDS FAGD.  We will be happy to make you an appointment and do all we can to minimize your side effects during your treatment.

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