I have a Toothache!

toothache-J.C.Duncan DDS

A toothache is the most common reason for someone to schedule an immediate visit to their dentist.  Unfortunately, the pain that a toothache can cause can be crippling to the individual.

Toothache Symptoms

Trust me, you will know if you have a toothache.  Tooth pain has the ability to affect your every day activities because eating and drinking is primal to your existence. From eating something hot or cold that causes pain, or just biting down on something that causes pressure, pain is usually the number one complaint in diagnosing a toothache.

  • Sharp Pain
  • Throbbing Pain
  • Swelling of Gums
  • Fever- Contact a dentist immediately.
  • Foul Taste in Mouth- Contact a dentist immediately.
  • Unable to open Jaw- Contact a dentist immediately.

Toothache Causes:

There are many things that can cause a toothache.  The best way to identify the problem is to have it evaluated by your dentist. Seek immediate attention if you are running a fever, earache or pain upon opening your mouth.

  • Tooth Decay/cavity
  • Tooth Fracture
  • Abscessed Tooth
  • Infected Gum Tissue
  • Damaged Filling

How to Handle a Toothache

There really is only one way to deal with constant tooth pain and that is with a visit to the dentist.  Untreated tooth decay will eventually abscess.  An untreated abscess can cause death. Don’t put your life at risk by thinking it will just go away.  Tooth decay only gets worse unless treated by a dentist. Give us a call today.

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3 thoughts on “I have a Toothache!

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  2. I agree that the tooth pain literally affects everyday activities. I could not concentrate when I have a toothache because of the excruciating pain. And I have to take painkillers just to be able to deal with the pain since I have to wait to have an appointment with a dentist. Going to a dentist appeared to resolve my toothache problem.

    • Hi Sarah, I’m sorry you had to be in pain while waiting for your appointment. 😦 I’m uncertain where you are located but if this happens to you again, and you live in the near by Huntersville, NC area, give my office a call. I’m sure we can make time to help you.

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