Can being overweight affect your dental health?


2014 is around the corner and we truly live in the age of information.  You can “google” endless information on why it is important to maintain a healthy weight, how to eat healthy or even how to loose weight. Yet with all that information available at our fingertips, statistics show that the rate of obesity continues to climb to epidemic proportions. According to The Center of Disease Control 36% of the American population is considered to be obese with an additional 34% considered to be overweight.

Most people who have gained weight ponder the repercussions to their physical health but never consider the negative impact being overweight can cause with their oral health. So to direct the question, ” Does, your weight affect your oral health?”. The answer is  YES.

When your body gains weight, so does your mouth and gums from excessive fat stored in your cells.  Excessive fat cells, or the gaining of weight in your mouth can push teeth apart and cause them to shift. As your teeth shift, it creates new spaces for bacteria and plaque to get into and ultimately attack your teeth and gums.

As a dentist, we always promote healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight.  So if your are trying to loose weight or your weight is above what your normal range should be, make sure to make an appointment with the office of J.C. Duncan DDS FAGD.  Monitoring your teeth during weight loss or weight gain is just as important as a trip to your doctor.

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