What You Should Know About Tongue Piercing

tongue piercing- J.C. Duncan DDS FAGD


Tongue piercing has become a “trendy” form of self expression here in the United States. Although tongue piercing may seem like the “in thing” to do, it can be dangerous to your health.  Your mouth contains millions of bacteria making it a breading ground for infections to creep in.  Unfortunately, with any open wound in your mouth, the need for extra oral hygiene is essential to avoid any unnecessary complications. With that being said, tongue piercing can manifest many types of infections, including swelling and tooth damage.

What Problems Can Tongue Piercing Cause?

  • Infection and Pain- Your mouth contains a host of bacteria that can lead to infection.  An infection untreated can become life threatening
  • Swelling-  If your tongue swells enough, it can block your throat and air passage.
  • Damage to your teeth and gums- The jewelry in your mouth can injure your gums as well as crack a tooth.
  • Nerve Damage- Usually after a piercing you will experience some numbness but that numbness could become permanent
  • Excessive Drooling– enough said
  • Serious Infections- hepatitis or endocarditis

If you have Problems with your Tongue Piercing, What do you do?

If your tongue shows any sign of infection,swelling, pain, fever, chills, shaking or a red-streaked appearance around the site of the piercing call the office of J.C. Duncan DDS FAGD immediately. Any of these signs ignored can lead to a life threatening problem.

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