An Untreated Abscess can be Dangerous

abcessed tooth

Your dental health is important for your overall health but yet people don’t always give it the attention it deserves. Periodontal disease and cavities happen over the long term and are in advanced stages before dental treatment is sought out.  Unfortunately, by the time pain is felt, something major is going on and must be addressed to avoid life threatening conditions.

What Causes an Abscess?

An abscess is a painful collection of puss caused by a bacterial infection.   The most common types of dental abscesses are periodontal abscess, gingival abscess, and periapical abscess. Abscesses are usually caused by micro organisms that invade the tissue and is the bodies natural defense in an attempt to localize an stop the infection from spreading to rest of your body.

Risk of having an Abscess

Once you have an abscess, it is necessary to seek treatment immediately.  An abscess can be serious and without treatment can cause a number of health related problems including death.  Antibiotics and or drainage of the abscess is essential to treating the infection.  Your dentist will also need to treat the condition that lead to the abscess to happen initially.


  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Severe Toothache
  • Breath odor
  • General discomfort, uneasiness, or ill feeling
  • Fever
  • Pain when chewing
  • Sensitivity of the teeth to hot or cold
  • Swelling of the gum over the infected tooth, that may look like a pimple
  • Swollen glands of the neck
  • Swollen area of the upper or lower jaw — a very serious symptom

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