What is ICare Financial and Care Credit?

Financial AssistanceDuring our crazy journey of life, we sometimes find ourselves with minimal dental insurance or maybe no dental insurance at all. This does not mean your dental health should suffer. We realize with the overwhelming cost of living, putting away money for your dental health is difficult and not usually at the top of your priority list.

Your dental health care is something that is needed to ensure your best overall health. Unfortunately, many people treat their dental health as optional but it as important as visiting your primary care physician regularly. Dental problems and health problems are many times related so treating your dental problems are essential to maintaining a healthy you.

The office of J.C. Duncan DDS FAGD is proud to offer payment options to help you maintain your dental health.  Our goal is to help as many people as we can maintain a beautiful healthy smile.

What is Care Credit?




CareCredit, a GE Money Company, gives you convenient payment options so you can get the procedure you want, when you want it.

Care Credit is a credit card used for your health, beauty and wellness needs.  Many patients will put off much needed treatments and procedures because they cannot afford to pay. CareCredit allows you to pay over time instead of a lump sum prior to treatment.

What is ICare Financial?

icare financial

iCare Financial is a full-service consumer financial organization in dental, medical, automotive and consumer service verticals. They offer consumer and patient financial programs for 0% interest, Everyone is APPROVED with No Credit Check!  Call Donna at our office for more information.

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