The Top 5 Worst Summer Foods for Your Teeth

With Memorial Day just around the corner, this weekend marks the official start of Summer! With summer comes, beach days, bathing suits and cookouts!

While most people are worried about their diet to look good in a bathing suit, you may not realize the typical summer foods that can be harmful for your teeth.


The top five worst Summer Foods for your Teeth are:

The colors not only stain your teeth, but the sugars in the chutney eat away at your teeth as fast as sweets or soda can.  Coleslaw is a great alternative.

An essential ingredient in any salad, and a refreshing low calorie add to your burger.  Tomatoes have extremely high acid content, and can eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Cucumbers are a great alternative.

Fruit Juice
High in Vitamin C and a great mixer for a summer cocktail.  However, the high level of fructose can reap havoc with the protection on your teeth. Flavored water like Cocoanut water is a great alternative.

Sports Drinks
With the sun beating down, exercising outside may seem like an enticing prospect. But while a sports drink may give you a boost of energy, it contains glucose which can rot your teeth. Wait an hour after drinking a fruit juice or sports drink before brushing your teeth to avoid damaging the softened enamel.

Swimming is refreshing on a summer day.  However, chlorine in the water can erode enamel and cause irreparable damage. Try to keep your mouth closed when swimming.

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