The Effects Smoking Has on Your Oral Health

Tobacco and oral health

Tobacco is one of the greatest public health challenges the world faces today. Every year over 4.9 million deaths are caused by tobacco. By 2030, unless there are dramatic reductions in tobacco use, that number will rise to 10 million deaths annually. There is overwhelming evidence showing that tobacco use causes many diseases, including stroke; heart attack; chronic bronchitis; chronic cough; asthma; cold; and cancer of the lungs, throat, mouth, stomach, kidney and bladder. Half of all regular smokers die of a condition caused by smoking.


Tobacco related diseases are increasing, especially in the developing countries which are experiencing the highest increase in the rate of tobacco use. It is estimated that tobacco will be the leading cause of death in the world by the third decade of this century, causing more deaths than HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, maternal mortality, automobile crashes, homicides and suicides combined.

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the world today. Prevention is clearly the most cost-effective measure. Tobacco control protects the rights and health of non-smokers, especially babies, children, youth and pregnant women.

The effects of tobacco use on the population’s oral health are alarming. The most significant effects of smoking on the oral cavity are: oral cancers and pre-cancers, increased severity and extent of periodontal diseases, as well as poor wound healing.

If you are a smoker coming in for preventative maintenance is even more important.  Please Call for an exam today.

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